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Email Request

We have committed to not storing email/passwords or any credit card numbers/info on purpose. We realize from a realistic stance, that there is no way we can protect both of those as well as other larger/trusted/audited companies can. All of our login providers (Twitter, Github, Yahoo, Gmail, MS) provide multi-factor authentication as well as many other layers of security that have a large support/security team.

If we were somehow compromised, the worst thing malicious hackers would get is application IDs and emails. What could they do with this information? Run jobs on other Blitline users account, yes, but we Blitline would have the ability to credit those accounts, with a net loss to our users of ZERO. What could hackers do if they got email and passwords... much worse.

We currently are in a period where email and passwords are the only answer to a hard problem (authentication). As such, it IS a convenience to be able to log into accounts, with corporate emails. We recognize this, and as such have implemented something that may meet your needs.

Blitline does provide an 'alternative' login (, which lets you keep login credentials that are separate from your email address. Think of it as a 'username' and 'password' that Blitline generates for you, and you just have to write it down (or keep it somewhere safe... like in your 'nuclear briefcase').

SO... If you want to sign up to Blitline with an email, we will create an account for you, but it WILL ONLY BE accessible by a Secret we provide you, and will not be recoverable via email, only via support tickets here at