Gist Runner

Run Jobs on Blitline

This page will take a Github gist ID, and setup a blitline job to run. Click the "Run this job" button below to run the Blitline Job. If you are logged in, the "YOUR_APP_ID" in the Gist will be replaced with your actual Blitline application ID to make running the job easier.

This is editable JSON...
{ "application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID", "src": "", "functions": [ { "name": "ellipse", "params": { "origin_x": 250, "origin_y": 150, "ellipse_width": 450, "ellipse_height": 200, "stroke_width": 20, "color": "#ffffff", "stroke_opacity": 0.5, "fill_color": "#ff0000", "fill_opacity": 0.3 }, "save": { "image_identifier": "MY_CLIENT_ID" } } ] }
See this gist

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This page uses the Blitline javascript tool available on Github