You must have an Azure storage account and you must be able to generate a Shared Access Signature
When pushing to your Azure storage container, you must give us permissions to "write" the image to your container.

Pushing to your Azure Storage Container

In your Blitline job, you will need to add an "azure_destination". This "azure_destination" needs to have the following children:

  • account_name (The name of your account)
  • shared_access_signature (Your signature giving Blitline permission to write your photo)
    This signature MUST be the FULL url to the target resource, including the SAS.

    For example:


Here is a full Blitline job example, including a sample "azure_destination"
job : '{
  "application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
  "src" : "http://www.google.com/logos/2011/houdini11-hp.jpg",
  "postback_url" : "YOUR_WEBSITE_URL",
  "functions" : [{
      "name": "blur",
      "save" : {
          "image_identifier" : "YOUR_IMAGE_IDENTIFIER",
          "azure_destination" : {
              "account_name" : "YOUR_AZURE_APP",
              "shared_access_signature" : "http://blitline.blob.core.windows.net/sample/image.jpg?sr=b&sv=2012-02-12&st=2013-04-12T03%3A18%3A30Z&se=2013-04-12T04%3A18%3A30Z&sp=w&sig=Bte2hkkbwTT2sqlkkKLop2asByrE0sIfeesOwj7jNA5o%3D"

NOTE: Blitline uses file extensions to denote output types. The SAS can often not clearly indicate the desired file output type. As such there is an optional field inside "azure_destination" called:

"force_type" : One of "png", "pdf", "jpg", ...etc to force the output to be a particular filetype

"azure_destination" : {
    "account_name" : "YOUR_AZURE_APP",
    "force_type" : "pdf"
    "shared_access_signature" : "http://blitline.blob.core.windows.net/sample/output?sr=b&sv=2012-02-12&st=2013-04-12T03%3A18%3A30Z&se=2013-04-12T04%3A18%3A30Z&sp=w&sig=Bte2hkkbwTT2sqlkkKLop2asByrE0sIfeesOwj7jNA5o%3D"

Shared Access Signature:

Tips for making SAS (Shared access signature)
  • You should make it of type sr="b" (for Blob)
  • You only need to give "w"rite permission
  • Make sure it's the whole url, we are simply going to "put" to that location with the file data.