Simple Thumbnail ExampleThis is the canonical use of Blitline. Taking an online image and thumbnailing to a smaller size.
File Extension OverrideIf you are unhappy with the default .jpg extension (or .png) that Blitline defaults to, you can explicitly set what the outputted filename is.
Smart ImageBlitline will try to determine the type of file in "src" for you and generates a single image for you.(e.g. pdf, mov, docx, etc...)
PNG32 to PNG8
If you are saving out PNG files, you can convert them from 32bit to 8bit, preserving the transparency and reducing the file size DRAMATICALLY.
In this example, file size is cut by 50% without a noticeable drop in quality
Performing Multiple Scale Functions on Single SourceIt’s possible to perform multiple operations on the same source. In this example we start with a PDF and we scale it to 3 different sizes.
Run ImageMagick™ scriptsYou can run your own IM scripts on Blitline! Check it out here!
Force image to sRGBUseful for forcing all your images to a standard sRGB colorspace
Extract video thumbsExtract thumbnails from videos. Pages array indicates seconds from start
Resize with percentageThis uses a scale_factor on the resize function
Using the permissions you’ve given Blitline for sourcesBy default, Blitline assumes a source is public. If you instead want to have Blitline read OUT of your private bucket, you will need to change how the "src" is described. This is an example of using an "s3" source bucket and key
Taking a screenshot of a websiteUsing our Blitshot functionality, you can take a live screenshot of any url.
Using screenshot of Text+CSS composited onto imageUsing our Blitshot functionality, you can take a screenshot of some html text rendered on a transparent background then overlay it on to an image for professional looking images.
Circle crop and image (with a mask)Use a bitmap mask to crop and image to be a circle. This can be done with any mask, please see a better discussion on our blog.
Canvas and compositeStarts with a raw canvas and composites a png on top.
Pad, Font, and KerningAdd a solid bar at the bottom of an image, then add custom text with font and kerning to the newly added bar.
Transparent overlay, text, and text dropshadowOverlays a transparent section at the bottom of a page, then composite text with dropshadows and images.
Lines and a WatermarkAdd lines and a watermark to an image.
Convert DICOM to pngYou can even convert other formats to easy to handle png or jpeg files, such as medical DICOM files (Note: File must have extension .dcm)
Convert CALS to jpgYou can even convert other formats to easy to handle png or jpeg files, such as CALS files (Note: File must have extension .cals)
SVG RasterizerWe can convert your SVG files into raster images (png, jpeg, etc). We use Apache Batik™ for rasterization.
Rasterize Adobe Illustrator™ AI file.We can convert your .ai files into raster images (png, jpeg, etc).
Rasterize EPS files.We can convert your .eps files into raster images (png, jpeg, etc).
Create PDF from imageYou can save out your images as a PDF
Push multiple images into a zip file (Beta)If you have a group of images, you can use Blitline to create a zip out of them.
Make images same size when compositingSometimes you need to scale a composited image to match a src image, you can have Blitline automatically scale the composite image.
Composite an image UNDER another imageThis example shows compositing one image on top of another image (A over B) and also how to composite under another image (A under B)
Imagga (Smart) TagsThis example shows chooses a random image and runs the Imagga Tag analyzer on it. The results will show what the Imagga Tag analyzer thinks proper tags are for the image.
AI Background RemovalUsing modern AI libraries, Blitline can help remove backgrounds from images.



Example Project:

Upload photos from a browser and process with Blitline.

This example just shows a quick sample rails project where the browser uploads directly to S3 and sends a job to Blitline.



Development Libraries

Ruby: Blitline Gem

Node: Blitline via NPM

Javascript: Blitline via Browser Javascript

Java: Blitline via Java

Go: Blitline for Go

.NET: Blitline.NET  (Community Maintained)