Gif Operations

Blitline offers the following functions to help transform your GIFs into varying sizes or watermark existing GIFs.

Gifs operations are different than other Blitline functions. The format for defining functions and parameters are different than standard Blitline jobs.

The Gif json job has an additional "src_type" : "gif" as well as a "src_data" property that holds the information about the gif operation.

The format for the GIF jobs take the following format:
      "postback_url" : "https://blitline.com/stats",
      "src_type" : "gif",
      "src_data" : {
          "name" : "resize_gif",
          "params" : {
              "width" : 100,
              "height" : 100
          "save" : {
              "image_identifier": "foo",


  • resize_gif
    Because GIFs are a very different beast than regular images, we cannot pass them through the regular Blitline job path. Resizing of GIFs require an external application to be used this we need this to happen outside the context of a Blitline job.
  • resize_gif_to_fit
    Same as resize_gif but behaves like the Blitline "resize_to_fit" function.
  • gif_overlay
    Overlays an image onto a gif. Perfect for watermarking your gifs