Smart Cropping

Imagga will take your image, analyze the contents and identify "interesting" parts of your photos. Not just face recognition or blob recognition, Imagga creates real and accurate guesses on what parts of your image should be cropped to. Blitline is very excited to get to offer this amazing technology along with our own image processing functionality!

We are currently offering the "Smart Resizing" functionality from Imagga (as found on Cropp.me).

Cost: $0.01 / image


Sometimes Center Cropping Isn't Enough...

Center 150x150

Imagga Can Choose the Best Crop For You!

Imagga 150x150
Imagga 175x90

How do I use it?

Imagga functions fit right into the context of regular Blitline functions. There is a new Blitline function named
imagga_smart_crop which takes a resolution and an optional no_scaling option which defines whether or not imagga should scale the image to make the best fit.

Try out the example here