Vector Conversions


You can convert between vector formats without rasterization on Blitline.

We now allow you to convert vector formats through Blitline. We have performed rasterization and output of PDF for quite some time, but just recently have implemented the ability to convert directly from one vector format to another without an intermediate rasterization step.

New End Point

   Converting a File


POST  http://api.blitline.com/convert

A job is a collection of 1 or more functions to be performed on an image. Data submitted to the job api must have a key of "json" and a value that is a string. The string must contain properly formatted JSON.

What JSON do I build?


API Definitions
  • application_id Your secret key which allows us to know who is submitting the data (required: 1 time)
  • postback_url Triggers postback to given url once image has completed processing (optional: 1 time)
  • src The location of the source file to be processed (required: 1 time)
  • s3_destination The bucket and key of the output file. The key extension dictates what conversion will be performed (required: 1 time)
Example JSON
    "application_id": "MY_APP_ID",
    "src": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/img.blitline/ai/Swirls_Circles_Graphic.ai",
    "postback_url": "https://mywebsite.com/blitline_postback_example",
    "s3_destination": {
        "bucket": "my_bucket",
        "key": "my_key/my_new_fancy.svg"

How do I submit this JSON?

Any way you want, it's just an HTTP POST, so you can use any language you'd like. We have a curl example below because it's the simplest form that everyone can use, but virtually every modern language has a simple way to submit JSON via HTTP Posts.

Curl Example
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"application_id": "MY_APP_ID","src": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/img.blitline/ai/Swirls_Circles_Graphic.ai","postback_url": "https://mywebsite.com/blitline_postback_example","s3_destination": {"bucket": "my_bucket","key": "my_key/my_new_fancy.svg"} }' http://api.blitline.com/convert
Resulting Response JSON
  • results Container for results of conversion job (required: 1 time)
    • job_id Job ID of submitted job (your receipt number) (required: 1 time)
    • target_url Location where final file will be placed (required: 1 time)
    • error If an error happened, this will be the reason (optional: 1 time)

Is my job done? (Answer: NO)

Conversion works the same way as all the other Blitline jobs. It's asynchronously put into a queue and processed rapidly (typically milliseconds), but at the point of submission above, your job IS NOT COMPLETED, it's just a queue to be completed 'soon'.

You can tell if you job is done in two ways

  • If you had a postback_url in your JSON, your server will be contacted shortly, once the job has finished. Read more...
  • You can poll to see if the job has complete (please prefer postbacks over polling).
  • You can assume it will be done successfully and move on

We are always here to help!

If you have any questions, or desire more/alternative functionality please feel free to contact us a support@blitline.com. We are continually updating and improving the Blitline service, and enjoy feedback and interaction with our customers!

Also, if you want to run a 'convert' on a vector file, AND rasterize it all in one big job, ask us and we'll explain how to accomplish this using the regular Blitline API :)