What are some of the most effective ways to use Blitline File Processing-as-Service (FPaaS) to achieve business goals?
Blitline FPaaS has been credited with improving core product innovation through reduced platform maintenance, lower technical debt, and improved utilization of DevOps resources. Here are just a few of the use case where Blitline FPaaS is used to enhance the ability to achieve business goals.

1. Adding image, document and media processing to your Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) playbook

Your team likely already uses numerous cloud IaaS solutions today because it doesn’t make sense to re-create enterprise solutions that can are available more efficiently, cost effectively and securely versus building in-house solutions – even if they incorporate Open Source solutions such as Image Magick and FFMpeg.

As IBM states on their Cloud Blog: “Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) delivers fundamental compute, network, and storage resources to consumers on-demand, over the internet, and on a pay-as-you-go basis. Using an existing infrastructure on a pay-per-use scheme seems to be an obvious choice for companies saving on the cost of investing to acquire, manage, and maintain an IT infrastructure.”

Blitline FPaaS fits squarely embodies this value proposition, which is why a growing number of companies are incorporating Blitline into their platform IaaS vendor portfolios.

2. Replacing an in-house solution with Blitline FPaaS to boost capabilities and security

With Blitline’s broad and deep library of off-the-shelf transformations – plus our enterprise-grade security and ability to add new capabilities on demand – make Blitline the sensible choice to replace your existing in-house and Open Source solution. These are just a few of the reasons why customers switch to Blitline as an alternative to Image Magick and an alternative to FFMpeg. Check out our Why Blitline page to learn more.

3. Replacing a 3rd party solution with Blitline to reduce costs by up to 50%

The #1 reason why platform providers in digital asset management, photography, digital education, and other industries switch to Blitline is for cost savings, mainly because most bulk image and media processing services charge by the gigabyte. Their unoptimized cost structure translates into higher prices for customers. A superior solution provider will have lower cost structures to lessen costs to customers, effectively sharing the savings. Check out the Blitline cost calculator to see how you reduce your image and media processing costs.

Additional reasons that customers switch to Blitline include: fewer size limits per job, fewer limits on jobs per second, support for multiple media formats beyond just images, automatic management of color profiles, free bandwidth for moving files, and other features and support at no extra cost

4. Using Blitline to pre-process files before moving them through your existing service

You don’t have to switch to Blitline as your sole outsourced file processing solution to benefit from our service. One option is to simply plug Blitline in the early stages of your existing file processing pipelines. In this use case, Blitline can optimize whatever service you current use for image or document processing, image or document storage, or other file processing jobs. Doing so enables Blitline to pre-process your files and dramatically reduce your transmission and/or storage costs. Try our cost calculator out to see for yourself or contact us for a complimentary enterprise consultation.

5. Developing a new application or platform and need file processing optimization

Working on all aspects of your start-up is a full-time job, so why re-create the wheel when it comes to the processing of images, documents or other file types? Instead, you should be focused on areas of your product and business that will delight customers and create competitive advantages. Let Blitline help you. We offer the most affordable and comprehensive file processing as-a-service (FPaaS) solution so you can focus on what matters. Best of all, Blitline is free until you’re ready to launch. Check out Blitline plan options and pricing to get started.

Free until you’re ready to launch, no credit card required
Included 5,000 jobs / month
Output as many images as you like, you only get charged for submissions to our API
Try without adding a payment method
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Everything included
Includes image processing & file type conversions, non-image file processing, website screenshots, color extraction, image deduping support, EXIF/IPTC manipulation, and custom script support