API Features

More Than Just Images

Yeah, we do everything you want to do with images

but we also handle...

* Incurs additional costs

Pay for what you use!

Why would you pay for MORE than you are going to use?! With Blitline, you pay only for the jobs you process. If you process 10,000 images or documents, you pay for only those jobs.

Don't process any jobs? You only pay as little as $7.50/month


By Developers, For Developers

When it comes down to it, cost is really a driving force for everyone. We want to be accessible for everyone, so we've tried to design it so that the less you use, the less it costs you. In fact, the MAJORITY of our users, spend less that $10 month.

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Powerful and Mature JSON APILets you perform complex operations and pipelines.

API Love

Not all operations can fit neatly in a URL or RESTful operation. In fact, very few can, so we have built a robust system for supporting very complicated operations and workflow pipelines for image processing.

You submit JSON to use and we'll get back to you, usually in milliseconds, when the operation has completed.

# Blitline JSON
# Where you want Blitline to 'get' the image from
"src" : "http://www.google.com/logos/2011/yokoyama11-hp.jpg"
# Your secret ID so that we know who you are
"application_id" : "YOUR_APP_ID"
# Define some functions for Blitline to perform
"functions : [{
"name" : "resize_to_fit"
# Set the parameters for the function
"params" : { "width" : 100 }
# You can define where you want the image to go
# or if you don't, we'll auto store it for a day.
"save" : { "image_identifier" : "MY_CLIENT_ID" }

Data Transfer Cost Mitigations

Some of our larger customer can experience high AWS data transfer costs.

We offer (at additional costs) our own AWS S3 compatible object storage platform which can be used to mitigate high AWS transfer costs.

Please write us at support@blitline.com to find out more.